Secret to Sell Your House Quickly for Top $

Jul 18, 2023 | Residential Sales

Sell Your $1M + House Quickly for Top Price


If you’ve been thinking of selling your home, now is a great time. The supply of nice homes on the market in Chicago is very tight.

Homes that are in great move-in condition and show well are commonly getting multiple offers and selling at all time high prices.
When a potential buyer walks in, you want them to feel like they could move right in!
The other side of this is that if your home doesn’t present well and sits on the market for a while, buyers immediately start thinking “what’s wrong with this house and why has it been sitting”.
If the potential buyer sees it and feels like they’ll need to do some work to it, they’re not going get excited and the vast majority will probably feel like they need to keep looking.
If a buyer is willing to do some work, they’ll only get excited about it if they feel they are getting it for a great price that justifies their time, effort and expense.
 It’s extremely important to make sure your home is presented at its best the first time around. Especially if your house is worth a million or more!
When we’ve lived in our house for a number of years, priorities change and time slips by. It’s easy to fall behind on updates and maintenance. We can easily become blind to many flaws that a potential buyer will immediately see.
Things that we may have gotten used to and tolerated, a potential buyer will see as negatives that they would need to change if they were going to buy your house. These are the things that cause buyers to keep looking.
As Custom Home Builder, when I walk through a property to list it, I always see it from the perspective of a potential buyer. In building and marketing new construction homes you quickly learn that buyers are extremely picky about details, big and small,
I see homes hit the market with outdated finishes and details that end up selling for hundreds of thousands less than they would have if the sellers had just done some strategic updates and maintenance.
You have a choice; you can invest a bit of money into updates and maintenance, or you can sell at a discount and let your buyer spend the money and keep that equity.
But sometimes, it can make a difference of hundreds of thousands in your pocket at sale.
It pays to have an impartial eye to help you look at the numbers and make the decision that makes most sense for you.

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