Development Consulting

Planning a New Development Project?

Thinking about building a new multi-family or mixed use development on your site, or maybe a new commercial or mixed use property on your commercial site?


We’ve got you covered!


Site location and acquisition.




Design consultation and planning.


Zoning analysis and preliminary budget.


Marketing analysis


Connecting with the right architect for your project.


Development Management & Construction Management



Of course marketing and sales are key to a successful project, but it is critical that every step of the process is coordinated to insure your success.

A successful marketing plan begins in the earliest phases of your project.

A new project first needs an identity and purpose that specific buyers / tennants can identify with. Next we develop a marketing plan and design to get those specific buyers or tennants interested in our project as it is being built.

You need a team that has the experience to make it all look easy. Construction lenders will expect to see an experienced team in place to keep your project moving efficiently to a profitable completion.

If you need development management / construction management assistance on your project, our sister company LD2 Development Inc..can provide professional development and construction services.

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